Tour the Colorado Center for the Blind

Monday, August 14, 2017 @ 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Colorado Center for the Blind — 2233 W. Shepperd Ave., Littleton

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Colorado School for the BlindYou see them all over Littleton traveling with their white canes, many wearing sleep shades. Who are they and where do they come from? They are students from the Colorado Center for the Blind, coming from across the state, the country, and even the globe. Join the staff and students for an interactive tour and learn how they do it – travel, read with those little dots, cook, use power tools, and listen to the latest podcast with their smart phones. The kids can take a few shots at the goal ball, the sport played entirely under sleep shades. Their secret is that you’ll learn that the ordinary things that blind people do doesn’t make them extraordinary – they are really just like you and me!

Founded in 1988, the Colorado Center for the Blind is a world-renowned training center located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Littleton, Colorado, about 13 miles south of Denver.

Grounded in the National Federation of the Blind’s positive philosophy of blindness, the Colorado Center for the Blind provides innovative teaching techniques, daily challenges and self-confidence that are the building blocks of independence, opportunity and success. Day after day, year after year, blind students leave the Colorado Center for the Blind’s training program as living examples of the NFB’s motto: “With effective training and opportunity, blind people can compete on terms of equality with their sighted peers.”

Colorado Center for the Blind LogoTheir Independence Training Program (ITP) is designed for blind adults (18 years of age and older). Typically students complete the program in six to nine months while residing in nearby McGeorge Mountain Terrace apartments, which are owned by the Center. Participants not only build the skills that they need to be independent, but also focus on gaining confidence and belief in themselves as blind people.

A key part of ITP training involves the use of sleepshades. All students with residual vision wear sleepshades to strengthen reliance on other senses and use of alternative skills. This builds confidence in their ability to approach all life situations.

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