2017 WWW Grand Marshals

With the 2017 theme Thank you…Military • Police • Fire  Western Welcome Week honored three Grand Marshals to represent the Military, Police and Fire.

Our honoree for the Military was Jesse “VooDoo” Clay. Jesse is a retired Navy SEAL, serving 14 years in the SEALs followed by a decade as a international security contractor. He is the president of the Rocky Mountain chapter of the UDT/Navy SEAL Foundation. The foundation helps veterans make the transition from military to civilian life. They raise funds to buy therapy dogs for veterans suffering from PTSD, send vets and families on vacations and connecting with vets. Being chosen as a WWW Grand Marshal is out of the norm for Jesse who calls himself a low-key guy. He says the most important thing is to help his brothers and sisters in uniform. If it means waving to folks, he’ll do it to help raise awareness of what military, law enforcement, and firefighters are going through.

Our honoree for Police was Officer Brent Kieffer and his retired partner K-9 Officer Sabor. Kieffer, celebrating 16 years with the Littleton Police Department, established the K-9 unit ten years ago. Sabor, a smart, dedicated police dog has helped save officers on more than a few occasions. Sabor developed health issues and retired in February where he now spends his days cuddling at home with Kieffer and his wife. Sabor is a Belgian Malinois, a dog that’s increasingly preferred by military and police units for their energy, speed, and agility. Kieffer modestly says, “I may have been his handler, but I’m really more like a chauffeur because Sabor’s the star of the show!” Thank you Officer Kieffer for your service to our community and bringing the K-9 program to Littleton. We are lucky to have officers like you and Officer Sabor!

Our honoree for Fire was Firefighter Tiffany Longmire. Tiffany’s quiet, selfless style, make Littleton Fire Rescue (LFR) a better fire department. For over a decade, Tiffany has been an active member of the Dive Team, voluntarily taking on whatever tasks that need attention. Taking on the daunting task of maintaining readiness of the LFR Dive Team’s equipment. She routinely rises to the occasion and acts as Shift Leader, and fills in whatever gaps in leadership arise. As an Engineer, Tiffany consistently offers her assistance to improve safety and readiness. She accepts ALL requests from all acting engineers to work on their skills. She volunteers with the State of Colorado as an Aerial Proctor. She acts as a Colorado Metropolitan Certifican Board Operator Evaluator across the front range and volunteers her expertise at Littleton Fire Rescue Engineer Promotional Exams. It’s Western Welcome Week’s honor to recognize Tiffany Longmire!