Festival Day Entertainment: Saturday, August 15, 2020

Adventures in Dance on Dance StageWestern Welcome Week provides entertainment on a Family Stage  on Festival Day. This is the only day that entertainment is booked for Western Welcome Week produced events. Other organizations book entertainment for their events during Western Welcome Week, information is maintained and shared with other participating organizations.

Cowboy Steve Children's Entertainer

The Family Stage has fun, interactive entertainment for for kids of all ages – sing alongs, magic, comedy, and more!

Due to the number of requests from entertainers, we ask that you send a hard copy of information to Western Welcome Week, Inc. Entertainment submissions will  be placed in the Western Welcome Week data base and shared with other organizations that participate during WWW upon request.

Information Requested:

  • Letter or brochure giving highlights of what your performance entails
  • Photos, CD or DVD of performance
  • Rates
  • Space requirement
  • At least three references

Mail to:
Western Welcome Week
Attn: Entertainment
5890 S. Bemis St.
Littleton, CO 80120

If you or your organization is selected to be a part of Western Welcome Week’s Festival Day entertainment, you will be required to complete the Western Welcome Week Entertainment Agreement. Due to the number of requests, notification will not be made unless you or your organization is selected to participate.

Western Welcome Week, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, reserves the right to refuse participation to any group, groups, individuals, an individual, association, business, or any other entity of any nature or type that WWW feels in its sole discretion would not further the goals of the organization, would not be appropriate considering circumstances, or might reflect negatively upon WWW, an individual or group.